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The Touching Story Behind The Throws…

Since our company was started in 2005, Susie has given away several thousand blankets to kids. The following story shares the event that started it all. 

It started out as a hobby—-Susie making cozy throws for the family. Then we got the horrible news: our dear friend’s niece, sweet 17 year old Carrie*, just blossoming into adulthood, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Shock and sadness were forced into an attitude of steeled optimism.

“Carrie will survive this. She’ll be just fine.”

She entered the hospital and came through her first round of chemo in good shape. So far so good; and as she approached her second session of chemo, Susie had an idea. Maybe Carrie would like a cozy throw, and maybe she could give a couple throws to some other kids on the ward.

“This Saturday I will go to the hospital, visit Carrie, and donate some throws”, Susie said.

Susie always does what she says; and yet, for some strange reason, she didn’t feel like going on Saturday, so she postponed her visit.

“Tomorrow”, she promised to herself. Yet on Sunday, she again felt reluctant, and again uncharacteristically, reneged on her appointment.

“Tuesday for sure”, said Susie, feeling odd about her inconsistencies.

On Tuesday, Susie and her daughter Michelle left for the hospital; and this time Susie felt strangely compelled to skip her plan of visiting some antique stores that were on the way, and instead drove straight to the hospital. They went upstairs and donated some throws to some kids on the ward, but when they asked for Carrie’s room number, they were surprised when they were directed, not to Carrie’s room but to the Intensive Care Unit.

Into the ICU waiting room they walked: and there, alone, with heads hung low, sat Carrie’s Mom & Dad. They looked up, saw Susie and Michelle, and overwhelmed with grief, broke into sobs and fell into a hug.

Carrie had taken an unexpected turn for the worse & had just been rushed to intensive care. Stunned, distracted, and in shock, they had decided not to tell their family yet. And so, there they sat in the waiting room, alone, and in despair.

It was a divinely ordained appointment: Susie was to show up on Tuesday, at just that specific moment, to summon their family.

Phone calls were made. The family rushed in, came together, and comforted each other; and Susie and Michelle slipped out. As they retraced their steps and walked back through the ward, they saw kids in their hospital beds, snuggled up under their throws.

And Susie knew this was to be her mission.

Early the next morning, Carrie crossed over to the comforting arms of her Lord.

A strong believer in faith, Susie says, “It wasn’t an accident that I ended up making these blankets. God is always trying to talk to us – if we slow down to listen he can do incredible things and connect the lives of people in need.”

“Don’t Freak It’s Faux” is dedicated to our all-knowing Lord who loves us, and to kids who could use a little cozy comfort.

For every five large throws sold one is donated to a child in need.

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